Bite Size Business Management

One off tasks and Strategy Sessions…

You’ve got an idea of how you want to run certain aspects of your business but you haven’t got the foggiest on how to go about it!

I can help you by talking you through what you need and how this would work in your business…I’ll probably even give you a few nifty ideas along the way on how you can enhance it too.

How Does it Work?

We simply meet on a zoom or phone call, you explain what you’ve seen someone else doing or how you think you’d like it to work. We go over your options and how this can be achieved and what information, platforms or programmes you’ll need and then you can go away and implement it. I’ll also follow up with a written report of what we discussed. If you need the system and structure implemented then I can provide you with a quote of any work that would follow.

This is a one off session and charged at £100

Please email if you would like to discuss further or book in to work with me.

Bite Size Business Management

You know what you need and want and just need someone to iron out the finer details of it. You aren’t quite ready for an OBM (Online Business Manager) but you need someone to help you through a launch or a project you’ve got on the go.

Or you could be moving over to a new email system and want someone to set it all up and get it ready to welcome your customers in.

This is priced at £45 per hour and will be accompanied with a contract and agreements for us both to sign.

Please email if you would like to discuss further or book in to work with me.

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