Get the Best From Your Blog

I love blogging and I think every business can benefit from a well populated blog. I’ve recently moved over from another platform as I was hacked and I lost all my blog posts…so I’m starting again. I thought it would be good to share how you can get the best from your blog as a small business.


How Often to Blog

First up it doesn’t matter how often you blog (well it does a little but we’ll get to that), it matters more that you are consistent. You need to keep your ideal client or customer wanting to stick around and keep coming back for updates. This can only be achieved if you blog consistently.

There are lots of conflicting ideas about the amount of blogs you need to produce but once a week or twice a month is better than nothing. Obviously you’ll find you get more traction if you were to blog four times a week, every week but for most business owners that isn’t realistic. So many of my clients start with twice a month and then with my support we work it up to four times a month (so once a week).

A blog is a great way to let google direct traffic to your website so the more you blog, the more chances you have of people discovering and following you.

Best Blogging Practice

The best length of blog post is between 300 and 500 words – sometimes a longer post is good but in general peoples attention span is around 7 seconds so you need to catch them quick.

We all scan read these days due to the amount of information we have to process so keep this in mind. Break up copy with headings and photos to allow your readers brains to process the information.

Bots scan the first 100 words so the first paragraph should include a keyword and be around 100 words long. Then you have a better chance of registering on a Google search.

Keywords are very important and should be specific to your niche. Don’t overload your post with keywords as it’ll be hard to read and not make much sense. But you should use a selection of them throughout your post to let your ideal audience find you.

Text should come before the images and use short paragraphs

What to Write

What questions do you get asked a lot? What does your ideal audience want and need to know? Perhaps do a series of posts on a particular subject. We all love to be nosey so behind the scenes posts work really well too.

Don’t sell, save that until people are connecting with your content, instead think about telling a story. Become the authority in your niche that people simply can’t miss, it will align you more with your ideal customers.

Promote your posts

Long gone are the days when you could produce a blog post and leave it to do it’s magic. Now no-one will really find it amongst the noise of the internet so you also need to shout about it yourself.

Use keywords across your social media platforms and make sharing your posts easy.

Need Help?

If you need more help and advice on blogging, I’d love to advise you or help write your blog posts and make sure you are SEO ready.

Vision PA Services

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