Working with a VA

Save Money & Time with a VA

“I can give you your evenings and weekends back!”

There I said it, a bold statement I know but it’s true. As a virtual assistant, my job (well my passion really) is to help other small business owners to get organised and get their business working as it should.

Some people hold back from passing bits of their work over, feeling they should be doing it all. But you shouldn’t! Rome wasn’t built in a day and certainly not by one person alone, so why do you think your business should be different.

I Don’t Know What to Pass Over?

I always start by asking a potential client who needs help but doesn’t want to give anything up some simple questions:

What is it that takes up the most time in your business?

What do you dislike doing in your business?

These two questions will give you a starting point of things you can pass over. It also allows the business owner to step back and look at the situation with fresh eyes. You need to concentrate on the bigger vision and not the small steps that get you to it. That’s what I’m for. I spent over 20 years as an administrator in a number of small family run businesses all the way to Directors PA at a large financial institute. I’ve dealt with conflicting deadlines and types of work.home-office-1207834_1280

Do You Want to Be More Organised?

Nobody likes the headless chicken look and it doesn’t have to be like that, a few tweaks and you can be organised (by me no less). It’s painless and will lift a weight from your shoulders. We can set up systems where you are still fully in control and can see what I’m doing and when – using apps such as Trello. We can communicate frequently and even have zoom meetings.

Blogging, Social Media and Websites

These are all things that take time out of your day and need to be updated frequently to be of any benefit. Blogs drive traffic to your website, social media posts drive people to your website (can you see where I’m going with this one…). Your website shows people the brand of ‘you’. They all benefit you and draw clients to you.

Having someone else handle these areas, lets you do what you do best.

How Do I Save Money?

Yes you have to pay for a virtual assistant but you are also freeing up your time (which has been bogged down by mailchimp newsletters, copywriting and general admin). This time you’ll gain will help you to be more productive, unless you spend it eating chocolate biscuits on the sofa!

But seriously, it will. You’ll gain head space that you haven’t had whilst feeling confident that I’m doing the work that you don’t want to or that drains you. It’s win win really.

So lets see if we are a good fit for working together? Pop over and find me on my social media or email me at


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