Blogging for Business

  • Do you blog for business?
  • Do you often wonder if you are doing it right or even enough times a week/month?
  • Do you forget what to write or don’t know where to start?

If any of these are you, I’d love if you could fill in my survey about your business blogging habits. It takes approx 2 minutes to complete and I don’t ask for any sensitive information or your contact details.

Blogging for Business

Click the link below for the survey….

Blogging for Business Survey

I’m passionate about blogging and my aim next year is to make it more accessible to small businesses.

Through a mixture of online courses and support networking I will help small businesses to use blogging to it’s best.

Benefits of Blogging

  1. It helps you promote your business
  2. Sets you up as an expert in your field
  3. Lets you share valuable information
  4. Helps people trust you as a valuable resource
  5. Search engines have a better chance of promoting you
  6. You can direct people to those frequently asked questions

Please do let me know what stage of blogging you are at and what sort of help you need? That way I can tailor my workshops and courses to you and help you get the most out of blogging for business.

Survey for Blogging for Business

If you would like to join my mailing list to get all the latest on my courses please join here.


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