blogging for small business

Get the Best out of your Small Business Blog

Blogging for Small Businesses

With a small business it can be difficult to get seen and heard online these days. There is so much social media traffic that it can feel overwhelming on where to start. Experts will tell you that a blog is a great way to get yourself ‘out there’, which it is. But you need to still be strategic with what you are sharing and why.

Why are you blogging

Always keep in mind who you are blogging for (spoiler…it’s not for you!) and this is something a lot of small business blogs miss. If you find it easier, write to one person who is your ideal reader. Think about what they need to hear and how you can help them. You can include personal details but your main purpose is to give them information that will help them on their journey.

How Often do you blog?

There is no hard and fast rule here, do what feels good for you and your business. It’s been said that the optimum amount of blogs a week are four. You need to find what works for you, the one key that isn’t negotiable is consistency. If you can only manage one blog a week (or every two weeks) then that is good enough as long as you do it regularly.

How to Start Blogging for Small Business

The best way to start is to write down a list of potential blog posts around your niche. Think about questions customers or clients regularly ask. Is there a common theme or list or things they need before they work with you? Do they know much about behind the scenes and about your small business? Try to have a mixture of information so they can get a really rounded view of your business. Take it slow and try and create a blog post of around 350 – 500 words. If you are doing this in conjunction with other social media posts then think about a cohesive message each week. Center your blog post and social media around key areas.

Evergreen Content

Don’t panic that you have to keep coming up with new ideas. Once you’ve gone through all the things your ideal client needs to know, go back and see if you can break it down. I’ve written before on how you can re-purpose blog posts to use elsewhere. You can use any bullet points within a blog post to explore in more depth on a future blog.

Blogging Better

Don’t just write for the fact you are writing, be succinct and make sure its something that you feel good about. Always create a call to action within the blog post. Whether you want to direct people elsewhere or get them to book in a consultation. Give clear instructions on what they can do to get further information or help. Always.

If you need further help or want to blog but haven’t the time, I can help. I blog on behalf of small business owners and can help give you a nudge in the right direction if that is all you need. My list of services can be found at Vision PA Services.

I’d love to help if you need more information, contact me here.


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