Blogging For Business Five Top Tips

Blogging For Business Five Top Tips

I’ve put together a great five day plan to help you blog better in your business. So if you are in need of a little extra work then follow these easy tips to get the most out of your business blog.

Blogging for Business, computer and a coffee

Day 1

Blogging can seem daunting sometimes and I often get told ‘I don’t know what to write’ or ‘It isn’t relevant to my business’

So this week I’m going to focus on how you can find things to write and why it is relevant to your business.

Why is blogging important?

1) Well it helps get you seen on google for a start. It gives you an extra 52 chances to get spotted (if you blog once a week) by your ideal client.

2) You get to build a relationship with your ideal customer. People work with others that they know, like and trust. So make sure they see you online.

3) It cuts down time especially if you have frequently asked questions. Pop them in a blog post and refer people to that (putting a link back to your website).

So with all that in mind lets get day 1 started.

A real easy one today… write a list of blog titles

Think about what your customers need to know or frequently asked questions.

It doesn’t have to be a long list – if you come up with 10 then that is 10 weeks worth of content already!

Day 2 – Blogging for Business

Yesterday you wrote a list of potential blog posts. Now its time to flesh it out.

I sometimes write bullet points under each title to get myself started or you can just write out a post or straight onto your blog.

Consider the keywords that your customer might use if they are doing a search on google. What words would they use? Try and weave them into your copy naturally. Nobody will read a blog post that doesn’t make sense because it’s packed full of keywords!

Set a time and write (again I often use bullet points to make sure I don’t waffle on).

You need a clear introduction, main body and a conclusion. With a call to action.

There are many platforms to use if you don’t have a blog on your website. WordPress and blogger are popular and you can link to your website easily.

Day 3 – Titles

When you are ready to upload your blog post, its time to think about the title.

Make it plain and easy for your customers to understand. Think about the keywords your customer would search for. Are you using them?

You are trying to make it as easy as possible to get found so really spell it out.

Do some research by googling your chosen theme. You can use websites like which will give you the questions that people are asking of search engines. It’s a really helpful tool and lets you position your title.

Day 4 – Images

Now you’ve got the copy all sorted and a great title, it’s time to think about images.

It’s always a great way to break up the text with images. You’ll need to use ones you’ve taken yourself or free images. There are lots of sites that have images for free you can use for commercial use.

There is no excuse to lift images from others (even if you put their name against it). You always need to have confirmation to use an image or you are liable for a fine for copyright. This does happen and it can be expensive!

So source images that convey your message and will catch your readers attention. If you make the text overly wordy….people will switch off.

Canva is another great tool for images and text overlays. You can create some outstanding designs for free.

blogging for small business

Day 5 – Promotion

When you have a blog, it isn’t enough to think that it will just get read. With all the extra noise out there yours could get lost. So start to think how you will promote your blog post.

Facebook is a great way – use your business page and add the link with a little taster of what’s in the post.

Instagram, Twitter etc – again add your links and images that are really eye catching.

Another great tool is Pinterest for getting traffic to your website.

Comment on other blog posts in your niche and become part of the community.

This can be done on a rolling schedule as not everyone will have seen your social media posts the first time. So leave some time but keep going back to these blog posts.

We’ve come to the end of my 5 days of blogging tips. If you would like help blogging or with social media then please do email me. We can put a plan in place for you too.

Blogging Help

If you need more help with blogging contact me today and we can put a plan in place for you.

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