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Copy Writing on Your Website

Website Words

Words matter and can make or break your website. We only have about 8 seconds to catch someones attention as lives are busy and time is money. So the words you use on your website need to be succinct and impactful. Waffle doesn’t work and it’s something lots of websites suffer from. Do you find yourself suffering from any of these?

  • As your business has grown and evolved, do you think your website needs a revamp?
  • Do you wonder if your website could do with a refresh?
  • Are words not your thing, do you struggle to write copy?
  • Do you need another eye on your content or are you changing direction in your business?
  • Is your website at odds with your social media platforms?

Over time it’s easy to add content to your website and it becomes disjointed and unorganised. Clients can’t find the information they need and it feels like a brain dump rather than a professional business.

You need to keep a cohesive message and brand across all your platforms, if they are at odds then people will be less confident working with you.

How I Help

I take an overall look at your website and social media pages to make sure your message is the same. Then I can advise of changes to your website copy and can provide the copy to your web designer or update on your website for you.

If you are changing direction then I will listen to where you want to be going, do some research on other websites in your niche and how you can align your message. I will provide copy for five pages and upload for you.

Proof Reading

I offer this service to a number of companies and a local town magazine. I make sure all copy is up to date and correct.

I’d love to help you get your website copy up to date and working in the best way possible for you.

Please email and we can discuss how I can help your website go from zero to hero status: Email Me

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