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Time Saving Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Life is busy for all of us and some days it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day! If you are running your own business it gets even busier inside your brain. So I’ve put together some tips on ways to save time for busy entrepreneurs.

Batch Tasks

The old buzz word used to be multi-tasking and everyone would suggest you do this. Now people are saying it was never the answer and you can’t do it all and you should be mindful in your work. So what should we believe! Well one thing I do know is that if you batch tasks then you can get more done. so if I know I need to work on my website, I’ll set a timer and work on all the elements of my website that I need to.

Put It Off

I know! Not your usual advice is it but if you are up against it then it may be the only answer. When you work out what you need to get done (like desperately NEED to do) and let everything else go. Sometimes you then realise that some things don’t actually need to be done.

Make A List

Sunday nights (well every night but the big plan on Sunday) I write a list of what needs doing in the week. I go through and put an estimated time on how long it will take and when it needs to be done by. Then at a glance I can see what needs doing. If I have only ten minutes I can work on something quickly. No time wasted trying to work out what to do.


I’d suggest setting up canned responses, auto rules and folders. File emails as you receive them and know exactly where everything is. Keeping your inbox tidy saves lots of time when it really matters.

Time Yourself

This really helps you focus. Whether it’s an online timer or the pomodoro technique (where you time yourself for 25 minutes, then break for 5 minutes and repeat). Set yourself a limit and do one thing at a time. It’s amazing how much more you actually get done.


There are lots of apps out there you can use to save time. From accessing your bank online and raising invoices on the move to checking your social media schedule. There is literally an app for whatever you need. There are also some that limit your time on social media if you are unable to control yourself from getting distracted.

If you need more time in your business or need to know more about any of these techniques just email me. Then we can work out what we can do to create more time in your business.

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