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Three Ways to Reach Clients

Recently there was a complete shutdown of over 14 hours on three social media platforms. It seemed the population went into meltdown over it!

People couldn’t communicate with friends, colleagues and customers. Those that panicked didn’t have a back up plan in place.


So here is a reminder of three ways to contact clients…

Social Media

This is how most of us communicate these days, the touch of a button on our phones. We take it for granted and forget there are other ways. So what should you do in future to make sure you can contact people? Well first make sure you have several different platforms that you communicate through and have a following. Nurture these so that you always have a back up plan.


This is becoming the forgotten marketing platform, it used to be the main one! But if you don’t have a list of customers, important contacts maybe think about starting. Setting up a mailchimp newsletter is simple and quick and it means that you can share things like special offers. It’s also a way to really target people and send information that they want to see.

You can offer a download as an incentive to join your list, peoples time is precious.

Start a Blog

Yes even in these days, your website and blog are a big asset to have. By regularly putting out information you customers need on a blog is helpful. They begin to trust your information and ideas. By making it a regular thing, people will begin to look out for it and enjoy reading it.

It’s also a great way to get your website ranking higher on search engines. So think of keywords your ideal customer uses to search. Then tailor your post accordingly but the main thing to remember is quality over quantity here…make it worth reading.

Vision PA Services

If you need more help managing any of the communication mediums above, I’d love to help. We can discuss ways to reach your customer and put a plan in place. Contact me today to get started





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