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Kent Women In Business Runner Up

A few weeks ago I was honoured to be part of the Kent Women In Business Awards – I qualified as a finalist. I went along to the awards just pleased to have been nominated and in the presence of so many talented business women.

Well I only went and got a runner up place in the ‘Home Based Business’ category. I was over the moon to get the recognition when I’m one year into my business journey.


So I thought I’d share that journey here a little bit…

Over a year ago I was happy working within my family firm, a job I had been doing for ten years. Working with my dad was an honour and something I will cherish forever.

Unfortunately the business was no longer viable so I had to take redundancy and for a while I wasn’t sure what I would do. I couldn’t find work that fitted in with my family commitments and desire to collect my two small children from school every day.

So I decided to set up my own business to support others in their entrepreneurial journey. I’ve always been good at organising others and with over 20 years experience in secretarial work I knew it was the best place to start.

So I’m proud of what I have achieved in that year, I have some wonderful supportive clients. I love watching their businesses grow and prosper, knowing I’ve been a part of that journey with them.

I also get to see my children grow up and know I’m in a privileged position where I can do the main child care duties every day.

So here is to my next year in business and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

If you need admin support for your business, I’d love to help you…

Vision PA Services - Karen Blackwell

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