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Three Things Your About Page Should Have

Often it is easy to get your website up and running and then promptly forget about it! It’s there and it is serving a purpose of driving traffic to you so there is no need to change it! But is it really working for you?

About Page

It’s estimated that 80% of people will find your website (or stumble across it) or be recommended to you. After a cursory glance, they may check out your rates and what you can do but then they will head to your ‘About Me’ page.

People buy from people and we are all a bit nosy in the process – so your about me page is more important than you think. You need to catch peoples attention and show them a little bit of you.

An about me page doesn’t have to be stuffy or corporate at all, you don’t need a long list of accolades or what you’ve been up to. Current attention spans are about 8 seconds and we often scan a document. So a very long page will not be read, that sounds harsh but it’s true!

What Should You Include?

  • Images; Some great images are always welcome – these can be of you or your work but they need to be clear and look professional
  • A bit about you; this doesn’t have to be personal or a lot but people need at least a glimpse of the person behind the brand
  • Links; Where do you want to drive your traffic? Another page or a certain product?

By keeping people in the loop they are more likely to stick around and really see what you do. So make it sound like you and only include things you would like to read.

Try and think like your ideal customer, what do they want to find out and how can you help them?

If you need any help drafting your ‘About Me’ page or want to give your whole website a freshen up then I’d love to help. I also provide fresh eyes on your current content an can provide an audit on your website or social media.

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