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Things to Remember When Working With a VA

Sometimes business gets so busy that you are chasing your tail and can’t get everything done. You might think that this would be a good time to get some help from a virtual assistant. Having worked with a multitude of clients in different industries with different needs, I have some tips below.


Line up a VA when you aren’t busy

When you are up against a deadline, life can get a bit stressful. So trying to find and then train up a VA to your way of working gets even more stressful. If you are getting busier but don’t quite need help, it might be a good time to put the feelers out. Ask around other business owners or do a few searches. Work out who you would like to work with and reach out. Making a connection before you need help is a great way to put a plan in place.

We Aren’t Mind Readers

Often my clients want me to preempt things which I’m happy to do. So for meetings that get cancelled, I will look in diaries and rearrange without being asked. Or urgent emails that you’ve not replied to I will flag up or email advising you are doing x,y or z. But Virtual Assistants do need the initial go ahead or to be told ‘I’d like you to do things like this…’ or even give us the crucial piece of information that’ll make a good blog post a great blog post.


There are lots of ways to share a password with your VA – lots of apps and websites that securely store the information. You don’t have to share the passwords directly – a favourite of mine is LastPass but there are so many. The important thing here though is…make sure the password works. So often there is a digit missing or the wrong password provided. It just makes it stressful going back and forth.

Last Minute Changes

Things happen, plans change but please let your VA know as soon as you can. I’ve had meetings booked in and the customer of my client contacts me to ask what time the new meeting is. It’s the first I’ve learnt of the changes and then I have to do a bit of digging. A quick email or text (however you communicate) allows me to be proactive rather than reactive. It looks more professional all around. Remember we are here to help your business run smoothly.

Your Joy is our joy

I love sharing in the success of my clients and helping their businesses grow. So if you have a great bit of feedback or a course about to launch let your VA know. Let them add it to your social media channels, your website, your mailing list. Get it out there and share the joy. It also helps give me personally a better insight into your business and lets me know what to share in the future.

Working with a Virtual Assistant

When you work with a virtual assistant remember it is a mutual collaboration. You are working together in your separate businesses, so a great working relationship really helps. Find a virtual assistant who works well with your style of business and has specialist skills for you.

If you would like me to help you with anything please do get in touch. If it isn’t my top skill, it might be something my associates or network of VA’s will be able to help you with.

Email: and we can have a no obligation chat about what you need and how I can help.



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