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Communicating with Customers by Email


Communicating with your Audience

What would you do if Facebook went down again or Twitter had a meltdown? Would you be able to reach your ideal audience or your current customers easily?

If this prospect fills you with dread then it’s time to get your mailing list in order. Being able to use email to contact your people quickly or to impart some important information is essential.

Mailchimp is a great (& free) program that can get you started on your journey. I’ve got some top tips on getting the most out of it.

Lead Magnet

Make sure you’ve got a great lure to help people sign up to your mailing list. Email marketing is great as long as you attract your ideal audience. The way to do this is give them a freebie download, e-book or video to help them.

Then splash it across social media often (as we know most people don’t see it first time around) and soon your list will grow. Put the link on your website (in a pop up box or on your home page).

Compelling Content

Once someone has signed up, have some compelling content to share with them. If you produce a monthly newsletter, make it relevant and helpful. Titles should be punchy and eye catching for your ideal customer.

Use a template so your emails all look professional and consistent. If people can easily recognise your brand they will trust you quicker which can convert into sales for you.

Don’t Bombard Your Audience

Keep people on your list by sharing correctly and not bombarding your audience with emails. They will switch off quickly or worse they will unsubscribe from your mailing list. So make it relevant and have a plan in place of what you are sharing and when.

Get to Grips with Your Stats

Once you’ve sent a campaign out it is time to analyse what worked and what didn’t. Did lots of people unsubscribe? Why is that – was it too much information, not relevant or not the right time? If you have a high unopen rate it could be the title of your email – mailchimp give lots of great advice on attracting people with titles.

Get Help

If sending one email out is taking up too much time then it isn’t cost effective in your business. So think about hiring someone to do this for you. Setting up templates to help you fill in and send is something a virtual assistant can do. Analyzing the results may not be your strong point and you could miss something.

Setting up all the puzzle pieces in advance makes it easier to know what is working and why. If you would like to take advantage of my latest package for Mailchimp then please let me know.

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