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Lost for Words When it Comes to Blogging

Every where you look we are told that a business blog will help you reach more of your ideal customers. It’s not a new idea, it’s been around years and they are right…it does help with your reach.

But what if you are lost for words when it comes to blogging?

For some people it can be an easy win as they are passionate about their business and the words flow. For the rest of us it can be a little harder though, the words stick in your brain and you just can’t get them out. Here are some top tips to get that blog onto paper or a screen:


Bullet Points – just scribble away at the main points you want to make, describe your product or the need you are helping. Then you can work them into a bigger post.

Know Your Customer – who is your ideal client, how do they sound, what are they interested in knowing…this will help to stop you getting lost.

Talk Like You – no third person if there is only you in your business, talk as if your customers were in front of you. Even speak it into Dictaphone software that is on every smart phone around. This will make it sound more authentic.

Use Fewer Words – describe things succinctly and use simple words. Your blog posts don’t have to be long, people need information fast. So 500 words or more is a great starting point for a blog post.

Re-read – Write it and then go back and re-read it after a short break. Does it flow properly? Are you getting to the point quickly?

If you find it difficult putting together a plan on what you need to write, get help. Free up your time by outsourcing this type of work to a Virtual Assistant.

I often help clients decide what topics are important in their business. So if you need help either planning or writing blog posts I’ve got a great package available. Send me an email and we can chat about your needs.


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