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Three Ways to Release Control Whilst Working with a VA

You are busy…I know…I get it! I want to help and take some of the pressure off you because that’s my thing. I like helping people and making their lives easier…it’s my job. But I also realise that removing those niggly tasks or even some of the bigger ones takes planning.

I get asked a lot ‘so how does it work’ and what do you / I have to do. Lots of small business owners find it difficult to release control of tasks and micro manage. It’s hard not to when it’s solely your responsibility but working with a VA should help free up time.

Here are three ways we can work together on your business that gets the work sorted and quickly…


Trello is a great task orientated program that lets you upload the work and timescale. I then go in and check to see what you need done and by when. As I tick of the tasks they get moved to a ‘done’ folder. You can log in at any time and see where you are at and it removes the need to constantly chase.

If you are on a retainer then I also respond via WhatsApp for the more urgent tasks. This allows instant access to me, especially in a fast moving situation.


This is my preferred method of contact as you can put as much detail in as you need. I also have a visual on what needs doing and when. So it is all clear and in writing so everyone knows what, when and where.

I’m happy to send an email at the end of each week detailing what I’ve done and how so that you are still in control. I also send timesheets and can flag up when you are getting close to using the allocated hours. Then it allows you to make a decision on what are the most urgent tasks or the direction you want me to go in.



With some clients I meet face to face or via phone and video link. To begin with we would have a consultation where we discuss what you need and how I can help. After that, any calls, video or face to face meetings are chargeable. We can discuss what you need and put a plan in action. I do then follow up with this in writing so it’s clear and I haven’t misunderstood anything.

From time to time I do like to check in with clients to see how things are going. Getting feedback is a great way for me to assess if I’m working the right way for your business. This won’t be often and is just a quick call or meeting (I never say no to coffee) just to check everything is moving in the right direction.

Next Steps

If you have some work that you think you could release to a Virtual Assistant, I’d be happy to help. Lets set up a call or send me an email explaining what you need and we can have a chat.

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