7 Top Tips on What to Blog About

I don’t know what to blog about!

It’s a statement I hear a lot and another is “I haven’t got anything interesting to say!” Well I’m here to say I don’t believe you…we’ve all got something to say, we all have an opinion. Also you are the only one who knows your business the best. There must be questions your customers ask or things you want to explain about your work or services? Below I’ve put together some questions you can ask yourself to create a blog post

What Do Your Customers Ask

Is there some questions that your customers ask consistently? Do you already have a Q&A on your website? These can be made into a blog post that you can then share with customers and the wider world. It will help them by answering their burning questions and it will help you to not keep repeating yourself. Just direct people to your blog post (thus getting more views on it) and everyone is a winner.

What Do You Wish Customers Would Ask

This one is slightly different and don’t get carried away with it because they might not care. But if you can decide that it would either help them buy your product or service or understand you more, then it’s work a blog post.

Inside The Mind of Your Business

Giving away a bit of yourself every now and again is valuable. It will help your customers feel they can know, like and trust you…and you know what comes after that don’t you. If they trust you then they are more likely to buy from you. It’s not a case of blurting out what you did at the weekend but an insight into why you set up your business or what motivates you can be a good read.

Customer Testimonials

A testimonial has two very good uses, firstly it lets others see again that you can be trusted. You’ve solved their problem before and they aren’t the only ones. The other great use is that it makes an easy blog post for you. Expand on the testimonial, let people know how you helped and what you did…obviously you need to have client confidentiality and not overshare too much.

What Can You Do For Me?

This is really all customers want to know at the end of the day. They honestly don’t really care too much about it unless they can see how it could relate to them. So put yourself in your customers shoes and explain what you can do for them. Add in some of your services to promote yourself but don’t make it look spammy or overly sales related. But a link to your service at the end is all you need.


A guest blogger is a great way to increase your blog post output. If you are having a mental block on what to write about then ask someone to help. Collaborate with someone in your industry and it opens up your audience and theirs. It’s a great way to help other small businesses and your customers.

Case Studies

Similar to testimonials but not quite the same, a case study can take you through the whole buying process. So explain how you helped a business and what difference that made. This can serve to show customers what you could do for them if they are in a similar position.

Still Don’t Know What to Blog About?

If you don’t know what to blog about then hopefully these suggestions above will help. If not look at others in your industry and see what they are blogging about. Don’t ever copy them but store it in your memory bank and work out if you can do something similar. Remember this is all about staying in your lane and in front of the competition so unique ideas are better than those borrowed.

Or employ someone to help you to sort the thoughts in your head into a blog post. Play to your strengths always and pass the rest onto someone else who can help.

If you need my and my super blogging skills then lets chat via email and I can tell you how I’ll help you




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