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Micro Business Clinic

  • Have you just started out or need some help refreshing your current social media and blogging game?
  • Falling a bit out of love with your micro business but not sure where to go with it?
  • Desperately wondering where everyone is and what you can do to attract them?

Running a small business is a never ending learning curve and a bit like painting the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco…once you finished you need to start again.

So how do I help?

Well I’m offering micro businesses a little help, I’ve found lots of clients ask to pick my brain. They essentially know what they are doing and where they want to go but get a bit lost. Things move on and they forget to update their website or mix it up with their social media.

A fresh pair of eyes never goes amiss and some actionable steps gives the oomph back into a stale business.

We drink tea (or coffee) either together or over zoom…I’m inclusive if nothing else! We discuss where you’ve been and what you want out of your online presence. Then we go through it together, honestly not as scary as it sounds. I’ll give you honest and kind feedback and always some ways you can maximise your reach.

I also let you know of any new and exciting updates to social media and how they would work with your customers. I’m a bit of a technology geek like that.

I’ll Forget all that in minutes…

Oh and the best bit is that I’ll send you a summary afterwards of what we discussed. So you can go through at your leisure to implement some of the changes. And if you get stuck? Well I’m happy to answer any questions afterwards or help trouble shoot to get you where you want to be.

Also I’ll be one of your biggest fans afterwards, sharing and commenting and liking things. Sorry you won’t get rid of me that easy. I like to help you grow and watch you flourish so unless you tell me otherwise, I’m with you all the way.

If you aren’t sure if this applies to you or if it’s what you need, I’m happy to have a chat. Either over the phone or via email we can work out what you need and how I can help. Let’s get the party started…



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