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Finding Your People…Online Communities

You can call them what you want…your tribe, your community, your peeps or even give them a special group name (think Lady Gaga and call them all Little Monsters). Whatever you call them, at the moment they are all the rage and you are told you need to connect with them. But that is sometimes easier said than done…where do you find them, who are they anyway and what do they want?

So another thing you’ll get told you need to do is work out your ideal customer or idea client avatar – this often gets super involved with lots of ‘what type of magazine does she read’ ‘where does she shop?’ and the like, as you drill down deeper into this created ideal customer. Some people (me included) find this really hard and unreliable because I just end up describing myself but I’m not sure I am my ideal customer.

If you are already in business then you may well have side stepped this in the first place (which isn’t always a bad thing as people can get really caught up in it). So below I suggest some other ways to find your tribe, little monsters or red hand gang (if you are over the age of 35 you’ll know about the red hand gang from the US TV show).

What do you love doing?

So it often stands to reason that the things you love doing are usually the things you are good at. I’m all for playing to your strengths and it’s an easy win for getting your flow on too. So what is it you really love doing? It could be that you are passionate about teaching people yoga moves for better sleep or using words to set alight your clients websites (yeah busted…that second one is definitely me!) But you get my point…you need to be working in your zone of genius and plugging into what you love doing. The power of the universe (if you are a believer) is strong and can help align the right people to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

So what do people frequently ask of you…it’ll often start with “Can I pick your brain about….” as people trying and suck out all your awesome brain nectar on the chosen subject where they see you as an expert. It’s all the thing where you might wax lyrical on a subject – think Mastermind and what your chosen subject to be in the hot seat about would be? What is it that you want the world to know? Be a bit mindful though as what you want people to know isn’t always the same as what they want, so keeping checking in with yourself on that one.

Consistently Engage

This bit involves some effort but when you are out and about networking, listen to people and what problems they need solving. Help people (even if it isn’t your forte try and direct them to someone who can help). If you are in groups online then get involved and show up consistently, again try and help or offer solutions to problems. Be part of a group and you’ll normally gravitate to like minded people or those who they feel they can learn from. Make sure you are a leader and visionary by embodying your chosen subject…be the font of knowledge and the expert in your field. Be the one they want to come to for advice and guidance.

Who Do You Admire

Lastly take a look around at who and what inspires you and why you undertook this journey in the first place. Then see what those individuals did to get where they are and how they think and engage with others. I want to be clear here though…this isn’t a stalk and copy exercise so no letterbox peeping please, you’ll find your tribe by being authentic and coming up with your own ideas. But you can be inspired by others and it can often ignite your zing a bit more if you see someone doing what you’d love. Try and look at different industries and how you could implement something similar in yours.

Take Some Time

So take a bit of time, relax and brainstorm your ideas on where your audience is and what they need. I’ve got a great micro business clinic that can help you to get started and can be found on my website here…

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