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Five Ways Canva Helps Your Business

Right! Bare with me please…your eye has probably been drawn to my amazing graphics (I know right) and you can’t concentrate properly now! If you are thinking it is a bit of a miss match of things…you’d be right. But I wanted to illustrate that you can do pretty much what you want on Canva…you don’t need to stick to the templates it suggests for you.

things canva can do for your business


If you’ve never used before, it is a very easy to use design application that lets you create anything and everything from a party invite to your business logo. It can look a little confusing to start with but it is easy (& fun) once you know how.

So I thought I’d put together five ways that Canva can help your business and what you can do with it. So on with the show…

Design Brand Templates

Within Canva you can design templates that you then just slot testimonials into or quotes or use as a social media post. With the paid version of Canva (which you don’t need to get to start with) allows you to put together your brand colours and use them. I always advise clients to use brand colours and fonts for every social media post they make up – it reminds people of your brand colours and makes your post stand out as instantly recognizable.

For instance we all know and can recognise big brands colours and font styles – even little children who can’t read…they know the McDonalds branding on the high street! The graphic above uses my brand colours and fonts but you don’t always have to stick to just using them in the traditional way…mix it up a little.

Move Away From Canva Ready Made Templates

My picture started as a Canva ready made template and I still kept elements of the original design. But I also added to it and moved things around so that it’s not instantly recognisable as one of their designs.

Make it relevant to your audience and you can pretty much play around with it until you are happy. Recently I created a presentation for a client in Canva using her key colours and designs and then downloaded it straight into Powerpoint. This way it allowed her to be able to then use the tools in Powerpoint with the lovely design elements from Canva…as unless you pay, the Powerpoint templates are pretty basic.

Create Merch

Business merchandise is big business and can cost a lot so using canva could help you. There are templates for postcards, bottle labels and more but make sure that you use your own images if say you are making t-shirts. Otherwise you need to get a license to use the stock photographs on the system but as mentioned above…we want to use our own stuff anyway so people know it’s our business.

You can also use the recently added ‘Print’ option and send your design directly to print using Canva’s own system. They will advise if you need to resize for the option you’ve chosen and then charge you directly.

Create Animated Graphics

This is a really good and relatively new addition to the Canva family – there are lots of ready made animations for you to look at. It’s so easy to create your own too, just choose the animation download option (if using the paid for version for this one)…otherwise there are some elements that you might have to pay for.

These are great to upload to places like Facebook and Instagram where video is one of the preferred options to share to groups and

Share Directly To Your Social Platforms

So once you’ve created your amazing design, you can then share it directly to your social media platforms. There are options on the download tab to allow you to share to all the big ones…Facebook, LinkedIn and also options to share in Mailchimp and like I mentioned before, straight into Powerpoint. It speeds up the process and lets you concentrate on other things.

You can also embed designs directly onto your website or create a presentation to put onto it.

Need Help?

So as you can see, there are so many different things you can use Canva for and ways to do it. If you don’t know how to use it then keep an eye out for my Canva basics course which is coming soon. Or alternatively if you need me to create graphics for you or show you how to use in then just let me know…


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