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Watch Your Words on Social Media

We are all busy these days and it’s sometime easy to realise too late that you need to upload some social content…and NOW! So in our haste we just slap something up on the post and run.

It looks jumbled and/or garbled but hey it’s out there and my ideal audience will appreciate it. Won’t they?

No…no they probably won’t bother to stop and read it actually.

It’s harsh but true, we only have about 8 seconds to navigate a post on social media. In that time we decide if it’s worth reading on or what we want to do next. This is without the distraction of everything else around us.

Just look at Facebook news feed…there is so much going on, let alone reading individuals posts you also have side bars of adverts and reminders. It’s brain frying right there.

So get to your point and fast…then expand. Here are my top points when you are writing on social media.

  1. Understand what ‘they’ want and need
  2. Write clearly and succinctly for your ideal customer
  3. Check spelling and layout to spark interest in your words
  4. Use uplifting words, draw people in
  5. Follow up and answer any comments

If you would like more information on how words can affect your copy and what to write on social media, sign up here….

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