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Small Business Visibility

It’s a fast moving and very visual world out there…sometimes you can get lost in the noise of it all. As a small business owner it can be a struggle to become visible and stay visible.

You have so many other things going on and often juggling a business alongside family and life in general. So that uphill struggle can feel painful.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, there are lots of little tweaks to make yourself stand out…from your social media platforms to your website.

Here are my top tips on helping you to get visible.

1. Get Your Face Out There

This one can cause lots of people panic but it shouldn’t, I’m not asking you to post a million selfies online. What you do need to do is get your face out as the face of the business, after all we all do business with people these days.

Is your face on your website? On your social media channels? If not then get a nice shot of you put up. Even if you can’t face it as your profile picture then have you at work, making something or for those more social posts. It helps people warm to you.

2. Do All Your Links Work

Do a little MOT on your website, does it do what it says on the tin? Can people navigate it properly? Do the places you send them work? There is nothing worse than a link that goes no where. Are there easily identifiable ways to contact you? People don’t want to search around to find you, we want easy information.

Now share these links and invite people to like your page, entice them towards your website. Don’t turn into a spammer but remind people of where you are and who you are.

3. You Need to Interact

I get lots of people telling me that they post often on social media but no one is buying. I then nicely ask them if they stick around to answer comments or even interact with those they’d love to work with.

Often I get a blank stare…or a long pause because they are missing the fundamental bit of ‘social’ media. It’s there to be social…so be social, create a community and a place that people want to seek out. It doesn’t have to be a group situation but identify some businesses or super customers you’d like to work with and go show up on their page. Give out the love to receive it back.

4. Work it Baby….

People aren’t mind readers and until you tell them what you can provide and how that helps them..they won’t buy. Make your offers enticing and all about your customers, finding their pain points and how you solve it.

Sometimes people don’t realise they need you until you tell them. Not in a forceful way because nobody needs that! But share what you do and often.

5. Give Lots of Value

Again this one requires your input and a bit of thought. What is it your ideal customer is missing? What do you help with?

Now go into online groups where these people hang out and quite simply…help. Get involved and offer support. You don’t have to be in there all day and every day but help where you can.

Also help people in things you post online. Do you have a blog for your business – this can help answer questions, set you as the authority on a subject and let people get to know you.

How I help?

I hope some of those ideas may help you tweak your message and get more visible. If you’ve got any questions please do ask. Or if you need my help, I run micro business clinics to help get my clients visible.

More details can be found on my website


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