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Three Quick Wins for Your Small Business

It’s a lovely new start of the year and you are either back hard at work or you are trying to get yourself motivated to start up again! Either way it’s a time of contemplation and fresh starts which can mess with your brain a little. So to ease you in gently or to remind you to work on your business as well as in it, I’ve put together three quick wins to get your small business ready for this year.

These tasks should take you less than five minutes each but hopefully will move you forward too.

Look at Where You Show Up

This may seem really easy and obvious but check all the places you show up. Then look at how easy it is to see what you do….will people be able to see within five seconds how you help them and why?

Not everyone who crosses your path will know your backstory or how to work with you. It may be obvious on Facebook but not your website (or the other way around). So do a quick audit and make sure people can access your content or at least email you if they need you.

Look at How You Show Up

Now I’m not advocating using video, although it is very helpful because it isn’t for everyone or all styles of business. But at least make sure you are showing up as a real person. So are your photo’s on social media up to date and clearly you? Do you have an introduction post on your social media (do this regularly as people don’t always look back over your previous posts). Have a picture of you on your website that is welcoming – people do business with people.

Also make sure your different platforms are all cohesive and that people will know instantly it’s you…everywhere you show up. So your website needs to look the same as your social media platforms. Keep your brand inline and clear so that you get instantly recognised.

Tell People Why You Show Up

Leading on from the previous point – if we do business with people then tell them about your relevant expertise. For instance you may run workshops or courses in baby nutrition, so it’s relevant to your audience why you are doing it and all the qualifications or experience you have. We want people to trust us so we need to show up and tell them why we are the best person for the job.

Let them into your world and shout about your achievements. You should be doing this at least once or twice a month. It’s not bragging, it’s helping people to make an informed choice on whether you are the right person for them to work with. If you aren’t then no sweat…they weren’t the right connection for you.

Are You Showing Up…

So I’d love to know where you show up and how and if this advice has been helpful. Sometimes it’s the simple things that help you move forward easily and to really cement your message.






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