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Five Minutes to Change Your Business Visibility

So you’ve got your lovely micro or small business – doing it alone or with others. You have lots of amazing ideas and plans, products or services and you are raring to go! There is one problem though, as you are working all the hours, you aren’t getting the people through the doors that you wanted or hoped for.

I’ve put together some easy things you can do to improve your business visibility in five minutes. So pick and choose or do them all to get you seen more.

Lots of these suggestions also help you to streamline your business more as well.

Social Media

  • Setting up your Facebook’ about me’ page – all links clear
  • Making sure your Insta photo is clear and of you
  • What does your Insta header say about you
  • Write down your numbers across platforms  & regularly track them
  • Put a poll on your Facebook page
  • Change your Facebook header regularly
  • Do I behind-the-scenes stories on Insta


  • Have you got Google analytics installed (& you can check stats)
  • Does your about me blurb sound like you
  • Is it clear how to buy from you
  • Do we know where else to find you
  • Set up a sign up form – to build your list
  • Are your pictures up to date


  • Make a list of jobs with times attached and work through them
  • What are your keywords in your business
  • What words do you use in every day life
  • Where do you get most of your customers from
  • Write a list of who you could collaborate with
  • Can you describe your favourite product or service
  • What don’t we know about you but should
  • Who do you love working with the most
  • Is your ‘Google My Business’ up to date
  • Add a post to Google My Business
  • Send a newsletter to your list

Five Minutes to Change Your Business Visibility

So most of the things on the lists above can be done in five minutes or less, give yourself some time and a treat afterwards. Just keep plugging away and taking small steps towards your ultimate goal. By being consistent with these types of tasks you will find that your visibility will increase along the way.
If you would like to book a Micro Business Clinic session then please let me know. If you need a general direction change then I will look at where you are and where you want to be. You will get a report of small changes you can make for a big difference in your business.
Alternatively we can spend an hour going through a certain platform or package you want – so this is a power hour and charged at £35. We will get any muddle you have un-muddled.
Just shout if you need any help…

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