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Getting Visible with a Small Business Blog

There are lots of ways to get visible online, from small tweaks on your social media networks all the way to paying for ads on Facebook. Lots of small business miss one vital and normally free way of marketing their business online and thats through blogging. Most small business websites have a blog attached to it and it’s free but don’t panic if you don’t…there are still lots of ways to blog.

So I’ve put together some ways that having a blog will help your small business…

You Become the Expert

If you write about your zone of genius then others will sit and read, they will then decide that you are an expert. The simple act of writing down someone else’s pain points and solving them means you are helping. This automatically starts the process of trusting you and some people will then come and find you elsewhere in case you can offer more help. Who doesn’t want that!

Search Engines Can Find You

Search engines want to find your content and show it to their customers so they use the service again. All search engines trawl websites for the information they are asked for, honestly they aren’t trying to hide your content. They simple want to offer their client the best match. So it’s up to you to use specific titles and search words (keywords) that people are searching for.

People Get to Know Your Business

They may not use your services straight away (there is something like 27 touches on your content before someone decides to buy). However they will be more likely to remember you and your service if you solve at least one of their problems. If your content is engaging then they may also refer your content to other people too.

Small Business Blogging

What if you don’t have access to your own blog? Well if you work for a franchise then you can normally submit a blog post to your umbrella company…so do it. It’s free advertising and you can use it on your social media channels to promote it.

You can also think about guest blogging on other websites where there is an overlap in audiences. So if you are a hairdresser then working with a make up artist or clothing line could open you to a new audience. Collaboration is key and can work for lots of people.

What Next?

I have a great video over on Youtube that goes into the nitty gritty of why blogging could help your small business. Let me know how you find it and if I can help you any other ways.

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