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7 Ways to Stop Small Business Overwhelm

When you run a small business it can be hard to stay away from overwhelm. There are lots of things you need to do, should do and want to do. But there isn’t always enough hours in the day to get it all done! So I’ve put together some ways you can stop small business overwhelm taking over.

Beating Small Business Overwhelm

Don’t Compare

Now this is the biggest one and probably the hardest one to combat but once you do it will revolutionise your working day. It’s great to see what every one else is doing to give you ideas of competition and ways you can incorporate this into your business (no copying please). But if you are feeling a little overwhelmed already then comparing yourself is going to make you feel worse.

You don’t know where every anyone else is in their journey, you could be comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle and it’s not a healthy comparison. You also don’t know what they’ve sacrificed to get where they are. So if you are feeling low please leave the comparisons well alone.

Take 5 Minutes

I know! When you are up against a deadline or you just have too much to stop it’s difficult to just stop. Literally stop and take 5 minutes to regroup your thoughts, write down what you needto do and look at it objectively. Then it makes it easier to see thewood from the trees and you aren’t left feeling overwhelmed. A clear plan will make things seem easier. Those 5 minutes should be used taking a real break, make a cup of tea, go out into some fresh air and breathe deeply. Anything that will take you out of panic mode and into a more positive space.


Keep Your Desk Clear

I don’t care if this means piling it up in a corner or hiding everything under your desk. But if you can keep your desk clutter free whilst you work then it will help. The more you can focus on just what is the current task in front of you the better. If you keep staring at a pile of things you ‘should’ do or ‘must’ do will only keep you in a negative mind space.

A clear desk will help keep your mind a bit clearer too…that old saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is true. Try it.

Collate All Passwords

There is nothing as infuriating when your busy as not being able to access something you really need. So store all your passwords in a handy app that has one master password and lets you find all other passwords easily. There are lots around to choose from. Or keep a handy file with the passwords in one place like a Trello board or a simple spreadsheet.

The easier things are to find the less overwhelming it will be and the calmer you will stay. This is the same for all files and folders, save them to a dropbox file so you can access them wherever you are. It will help if you have an emergency and you can’t access your computer.


Working with others is a sure fire way to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed. There are lots of ways to increase your audience whilst working with someone else and it also helps the creative juices flow. Writing a blog post for someone else’s blog, collaborating on a piece of work or simply having a chat can help. These all help beat small business overwhelm because you start to realise that others are also in the same position as you.

Track Your Time

Even if its only for a day, use a timer and track how long you are spending on different things. You may start to see a pattern of times you procrastinate or take too long and this time drain can be plugged. If you keep putting off a certain task or it takes forever for you to do, perhaps think of ways around it..could you outsource this task to save time and beat overwhelm? Could you do something different instead so you can avoid the task completely? Understanding where your time goes is very powerful and can help stop you feeling like a headless chicken. If you workload is just too big for one person then could it be time to take on an employee or associate.

Time Blocking

As above, once you know where your time is going you can start to take control. Blocking out slots of time to do certain tasks can beat the overwhelm (& procrastination) because you always know what you are supposed to do. It will let you free up brain space so you aren’t constantly thinking ‘what should I be doing next?’ instead you’ll have a clear plan of action – even if you don’t always do the next thing on the list, at least you know the direction you should be heading in.

Beat Small Business Overwhelm

I hope you’ve found those tips useful and I’d love to know how you get on. If you need any extra help then please do visit my website where I share lots of other tips and tricks to help small businesses.

I can also offer blocks of time where I will take on any tasks that you don’t want to. There is no tie in and once the work is done you can relax and get on with the more important parts of your business.


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