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How to Work with a Virtual Assistant

If we haven’t met already then this is me…I’m Karen and I’ve been a virtual assistant for over two years now. Before that I worked in corporate business environments as a senior level PA. I’ve also worked in very small businesses too where I’ve been one of only two employees so I know all types of business models.

I am confident that we can work together well and if you have a system or procedure then I’ve usually used it or at least know how to. So I’ve put together below some starter ways to work with a Virtual Assistant and things you may want to consider.

Working with a Virtual Assistant

The first thing I want you to know about me is that I’m not into the hard sell. I will tell you honestly how long a task will take me and back that up with a Toggl timesheet at the end. I simply want to get your task completed so you can carry on moving forward in your small business.

So when you have the initial idea that you ‘may’ need extra help then it’s great to look around and get a good fit for your business. Reach out to them and then have a chat with them about what you want and how they can help.

If you have a system you need the virtual assistant to log into then it’s best practice to give them access via a system such as Lastpass (which allows you to give access without giving away your passwords).

Get It In Writing

Once you’ve chatted through your requirements it’s always good to get it in writing with a costing. This way you can make sure the VA has understood what you want done and how, thus saving any awkward conversations later on.

If you aren’t sure what they are going to do and by when then ask questions and set your expectations of the work. Always find out when it will be completed by too so you know when to look out for the information etc.

Remember you are both business owners and you are working together. So if there is something you need clarity on then make sure you deal with this early on.

Know What You Want

There are different types of VA’s and they all work in different ways, some (like myself) are more like online business managers. So you provide the problem and I will find a solution for you. Other VA’s will be task orientated so you need to give them a specific task (such as typing up a document) and they will go off and do it.

If you don’t know where to start but know you need help, it’s a good idea to write down what takes too long to do and what you dislike doing. You will find a virtual assistant that probably loves the task and is quick at it.

Payment Terms Matter

Make sure that you read the small print on this one as payment terms do matter. Most virtual assistants are freelancers so work alone and being a micro business, consistent and timely payments are always welcome.

I’d also make sure that the VA provides you with an agreement, terms and conditions or a non disclosure agreement. This way it protects your business from the start and helps you feel more comfortable with handing over your valuable business.

How I can help

I hope this information has given you some quick tips on how to work with a virtual assistant. If you would like more information and tips, please let me know.

When you are ready to work together please do contact me and we can discuss your requirements. Even if we aren’t a good fit, I know lots of other VA’s who could be just what you are looking for so please do just ask.