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5 Free Ways To Take Your Small Business Online

So it’s very difficult times everywhere in the world at the moment, there are lots of things that are up in the air! Small businesses have suddenly been hit by lots of restrictions and probably a loss of income as this awful virus ravages the world.

I wanted to put together some quick ways you can pivot in your business and take it online if you have to. These are free ways to take your small business online but as always there are lots of different platforms and things you can do.

In order to be able to operate in a different way these are five of my favourite things to use. I always recommend you use all the technology you can to make this a seamless transition for you.


I would always suggest using for meetings, training sessions or just generally keeping in touch. It’s free up to three people on a meeting for 40 mins on the free version. I record lots of my webinars and tutorials on zoom and I’ve put together a simple training video to get you started.


If you have a product or service that you could change to offering online then Teachable is a great platform. It’s free as long as you don’t use their inbuilt payment system – so if you have free courses or you are happy to take payment by other methods (such as paypal) then it’s great.


Loom is free video and screen recording software which you can record training videos on. There are similar options available if you are a MAC user as they have an inbuilt recording software called Quicktime. It’s great to record your screen and it’s quick and easy to use. You can also record your phone screen if you have an apple device.

Sharing Files

There are lots of apps for this and I’ve shared them before but my favourite is Dropbox. You can store lots on the free version and it’s great to share across teams and if you need to work from different devices. I’d also suggest using something like LastPass for sharing passwords without having to share them (if you know what I mean!)


Another great way to provide for your clients online is setting up a community group – Facebook do these the best. Through your business page just set up a group and invite people, they are completely free and you can have it public or private depending on what you need it for.

This type of ‘staying in touch’ is extremely important at the moment and something that works for lots of people.

What Can You Offer?

If you aren’t sure how this will work out for you then I’d love to help. There are so many ways that you can pivot or move online and I support lots of small businesses who already do this.

If you want to know more then please do email me and we can chat about what you can do and how I can help.

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