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Five Reasons Your Small Business Should Blog

In this online world and especially at the moment as we are all dealing with a pandemic there isn’t a better time to get seen. It’s not easy to be seen with all the online noise going on but as I’m always saying…a business blog is a must. Lots of people are mystified by what is involved in blogging and how they can translate this into their business.

If you are still on the fence about whether your business needs a blog or what to write then I’ve got five reasons your small business should blog now;

Set Yourself Up as an Expert

If you know the most about your business then you are the expert and you need to let people know. You are in the best possible place to explain what you do and how you do it and more crucially, how you can help others by doing this. By becoming the expert in your field, people will be drawn to you more. They may not purchase from the first blog post but over time they will come to you first as you give valuable information that has helped them in the past. This is something we all remember, I bet you can remember the last time you got value for money or really good service! So make sure you are also doing this for your customer base.

People Get to Know You

We all want to be nosy and see what’s going on and we very rarely now buy something without checking it out fully. With the internet at our fingertips, it’s easy to find reviews, testimonials and delve deeper into the business you may want to invest in. Selling trends have changed and most people seek out people the know, like and trust to do business with. So make sure that you are at the front of the line when it comes to people needing what you have. Having a blog is a great way for people to introduce you to people they know so always remember that call to action on your posts.

It Helps People Find You

As we’ve discussed, life can be hectic and it’s very noisy online so by having a business blog you are helping people find you. When trying to find the solution to a problem, most of us head to google. We also click on the first thing we get to in our desperation to find an answer, so if you’re information is there then people will see you as being a help. This also then in turn helps them see you as the expert in your field and they will be more likely to come back to you another time.

Let People Know What You Want to Tell Them

So although we mostly want to be writing about what our customers need, sometimes there is vital information you know will help them. So a business blog is a great way to explore this side of your business – to let people know things that you feel you need to impart. So think of all those frequently asked questions – could you turn those into a blog post and direct people to them in future. Are there certain ways of using your products to their fullest that would help others? These are all the types of things you can use your blog for and understand

Teach Others

A business blog is a great way to teach people things and to collaborate with other businesses. So if there is a service or product that works really well alongside your own then a blog is a great place to showcase it. By collaborating with other small businesses you will ultimately be reaching double the audience which could increase your reach too. This is a way you can also help people to know, like and trust you more, especially if you give them some top tips or information on how to work with you or use your products. Think of anything that can make your customers journey easier and get them closer to purchasing from you.

Need Some Help…

If you are still not sure on how a blog could work for your business or what you need to do to get started then let me know. I run courses on blogging or can get you up and running with a few blog posts.

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