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Get Ahead With Social Media Content as a Small Business

You can re-purpose your content Now

It can sometimes feel overwhelming to think of all of the content for all of the platforms all of the time! We all spend so much time in a parallel universe either trying to think up new content and adding value or wondering how we can get more likes/followers/comments.

It’s the one thing that my clients seem to struggle with the most – how to stay on top of their social media and what to write. But it really doesn’t need to be a struggle at all and you can often re-use content and re-purpose it again and again and again! So below I’ve put some easy ways you can get ahead with your social media as a small business.

What to Re-Purpose

This may come as a surprise to some but not everyone will see your content on social media. There is a very small number of users who see your social media content and as a small business it’s hard to stay on top of the pile. So there is a big chance that people haven’t seen something first time around, so by reusing it you have a better way for them to catch it. So for instance you can schedule in a great graphic you put together on something every month into different areas of your social media. One month you could do a blog post, the next month add snippets of it to your social media platforms as well as repining on Pinterest the blog post. There are lots of ways to re-purpose your content and make it work hard for you with minimal input from yourself (obviously you need to create this awesome content in the first place). Below I’ve put together some ways you can re-use your social media content.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen is the name given to content that can be used all year round and often year to year. It’s advice and information that doesn’t get old and is helpful whenever your ideal client reads it. So within every business there will be evergreen content that can help inform – so from top tips to advice on a certain topic. It’s always good to have some key evergreen content because you can re-purpose and re-use every few months.

So by creating this type of blog post you can then re use it over and over again. Within this you can create a ‘cornerstone’ piece of content – this is usually a blog post. It’s a longer blog post than normal and it should provide the most value available (stuffed full of great keywords). This can be put on your website or social media channels as a pinned post (so something that stays there) so it will help draw people in.

How to Re-purpose?

So you’ve written a really great blog post that gives lots of value and includes some tailored keywords that your audience would search on. As well as sharing this often on your social media channels (not just the once people…at least once a month). You could also think of using this information in another way…

Youtube Video / Insta Stories / IGTV

Take the written content and think about how you could share this as video content – perhaps makes some slides in Canva and use them as a presentation on Youtube. Or speak to camera and create some insta stories or use on IGTV.

The more you can dissect and perhaps even do a few short videos and really go in depth to create even more content. People don’t always have much time anymore so the sooner you get to the point, the better.

Snippets in Your Social Media

Use a key phrase from your blog post and create a graphic as a quote or pull out a key fact from your post and find a great image in Pixabay that will resonate will people and draw attention to your post. You can add the longer piece as a link or have the information as a stand alone piece of content.

Add it to Your Newsletter

As a small business you should be keeping in touch with your audience via a newsletter on email. I have written about this in the past here ‘Communicating with customers by email’. Sharing your latest blog post in an email to your list is a great way to get extra exposure and help more people.

There are lots more ways too…

There are so many innovative ways you can re-use and re-purpose your content and it changes all the time. So take some time and map out what you want to share and then think about the places this would lend itself to. You can then go about putting this together and creating impactful content that will be aligned to the platforms you are using.

If you need help setting up Youtube for an extra platform (seeing as Video content is due to be the next big thing) then I’m here to help. I can get you set up easily and show you the best way to share content. You can see the details here: Done For You Packages

Is there anything else you need from me regarding blogging? I’d love to know so email:

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