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Five Signs You Might Now Need a Virtual Assistant

When you have built up your small business and put in all the hours, ideas and strategies – it can be hard to think about giving it over to someone else. It’s easy to try and do everything yourself, thinking you are saving money and getting it done. Sometimes though you may be spending a lot of time doing the thing…and remember, your time is worth money. So it might just be time you worked with a virtual assistant and here are some signs that you could be ready.

1. You Procrastinate

We all know the feeling of waking up on a Monday morning and groaning because we’ve got to go to work. But if you are spending all your time dodging the bullet and procrastinating and watching cat videos on you tube rather than doing that ‘thing’ you know needs to be done…it could be time!

If there is something you put off every single time, then this could be where you start when it comes to working with a Virtual Assistant. Pass over tasks that you don’t like doing or don’t know how to do are great ways to stop the procrastination taking hold.

2. Your To-Do List is never ending

So if you never ever get anything crossed off your ‘to do’ list and it just seems to grow and overwhelm you…This isn’t healthy for your business brain or productivity as it’s really demotivating. You also might mentally beat yourself up and think about work all weekend (or worse, have to work all weekend just to keep up with yourself).

We all have lots of things to do and running a business does involve a never ending revolving door of responsibility and opportunities to grow your business. But it shouldn’t take over everything completely.

3. You Get A Bit SHOUTY All The Time

Got a bit of a short fuse even when things aren’t going particularity wrong? Find things that aren’t really big problems slightly catastrophic and you end up threatening to throw your laptop out the window! That’s a big sign of not only needing some virtual assistance but also of overwhelm. Once you hit overwhelm you will get very little done although you feel like you are always working. It’s not a nice place to be and if you can lighten the load (or at least take a break then you really should).

As well as being detrimental to your mental health, it’s really not good for your business either. If you can’t see the wood for the trees then you are unlikely to see and utilise opportunities that come your way.

4. You’ve Forgotten What Time Feels Like

Do you find yourself saying “I should do xxxx” when you are making a cuppa. If you do and then find your tea or coffee stone cold then it’s time. Running around like a headless chicken from one event to the next will never leave you enough headspace to really think. Being able to sit down and have a chat with someone or do something for yourself is mandatory in running a business…normally it’s one of the reasons why people set up their own businesses…to have more time to really enjoy themselves (& also so they don’t have to listen to Janice three desks over moan about her latest boyfriend!).

5. You’ve Got Constant Guilt

Do you feel guilty for rushing off to have a wee? Do you wonder where the day went and what you’ve done all day! Feel guilty for not growing your business and feeling a little stagnant about almost every aspect of your business is not a good place. If you aren’t having great ideas in the shower or thinking of ways to grow your business then you don’t have the time to let yourself feel creative.

If you feel guilty about catching up with someone you know or actually taking a break during the day…then it’s definitely time for you to work differently!

What To Do Next?

Even if you aren’t sure you fit into any of these categories at the moment it’s a good time to think about what you would do. If you want to grow your business or it’s growing rapidly then at some point you will need some outside help. Just think of millionaires and CEO’s of huge companies…they don’t do it all themselves.

At least if you have a backup plan and identify the areas you might eventually need help, you are half way there. Then when the time is right you only have to reach out and find the best fit for your business.

If you did identify with any of my points above and you are making a sustainable monthly income (& it’s growing) then it could be time to find a virtual assistant. Like any other service you may use, finding the right VA for you is invaluable…so speak to a few or find someone who is recommended to you.

I’d love to help so do email if you want some help…

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