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Small Business Mindset Help

The start of the year is always a slightly pressured time what with all this talk of goals and resolutions. Owning a small business means you already wear many hats and this extra pressure can seem a little too much to handle sometimes. It’s not always easy to keep your mindset in the right place when demands are high, you can forget to celebrate the successes and stop looking at how far you’ve come. So I’m on a mission this year to help as many small business owners with their mindset as I can.

Do you find it hard to keep your mindset on an even keel?

Is it a bit of a rollercoaster of highs and lows?

Do you sometimes give yourself a hard time about what you do?

As a virtual assistant, I see inside so many small business brains and how they can differ from person to person. We all process things differently and I found lots of my clients felt stuck and would often use me as their sounding board. So I created some brilliant affirmation cards that can help small business owners. I’d love to introduce you to ‘My Business Visions’

My Business Visions

I’ve always loved affirmations and find them comforting but I realised that the message didn’t always stick for me. So I concentrated on creating a pack of beautiful cards that you can pin to your vision board or take with you in your handbag. The really clever bit is though that on the reverse of each card is an action for you to take. These are simple and effect things you can journal about or think about or create some evidence so that you can really anchor the feeling in your subconscious.

None of the tasks are difficult to put into action but they are effective and helping you to get your business mindset in great shape.

There is also a range of milestone cards that you can use on social media or just remind yourself with. They are fun and can be used when words just aren’t enough to do the job…or great to jog your memory so you can post on your social platforms.

A Whole Range of Motivational Help

More lines are being added to my Etsy Shop all the time so please do check it out. Also if there is something you need or you have some feedback I’d love to know so that I can keep helping us all to get by in these uncertain times.

These are brilliant! OMG they are just what I need right now!! I cannot recommend these enough! I will be keeping these with me all the time.

These inspirational quotes are so needed right now.

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