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Five Easy Ways to Write Engaging Content

We all know what it’s like, you stare at the blank screen in front of you thinking ‘what am I even going to write!’ and this can apply to your social media posts, blog posts or marketing material. The trick is to listen to what your ideal client wants and then provide it which sounds simple enough but is something so many get wrong. I’ve put together five easy ways to write engaging content in different ways. Answer A Question

Answer a Question

The quickest way to get inside your ideal clients mind is by thinking of all the things they could ask (or do ask) and provide the answers. This can be in a blog post or a frequently asked questions area on your website, an email or even on social media. If you don’t know what they want to know…then ask a question on your chosen social platform. Give variables or ask them to directly let you know. Then you can build around this but if no questions or queries are forthcoming then you can use google search for what people are asking of your product or service in a wider arena and then answer that. There are also websites like ‘answerthepublic’ where you enter your keyword and it will show you all the questions around it.

Tell Them About You

People love to be nosey and find out all that is going on so give them what they want. This can either be weaving in some of your real life into the post – we all buy from people we know, like and trust. So places like Instagram stories, reels and Tiktok are good for this. You can also show behind the scenes in your business or give sneaky peaks around a new product or service. Just be mindful that you are not giving too much of yourself away and what you show is in line with your brand (as otherwise this confuses people a little too much if you are vastly different from the image you portray).

Keep It Fun

Engaging content doesn’t have to be stuffy and there are always opportunities for keeping if fun. So memes and ‘Friday fun’ are often well received as we don’t always want to talk business over on socials. You can also create polls or question boxes – this has a double effect as people love to voice their opinions and it will also help you with market research for your business. Win win!

Feel Their Pain

Now don’t go too heavy on this one and don’t feed their fears too much as we want to empower customers. But being able to see another persons point of view is always endearing so a questions or statement that shows you are with them helps. Understanding what your clients and customers want is key to your success so putting yourself in their shoes will help you as well. Feel the pain but don’t dwell on it too much for fear of turning them the other way and making them feel paralyzed. Keep it light if you can and find solutions to their problems.

Call to Action

This is the single biggest trick we all miss and by giving out loads of value and then not following up with a CTA. In these busy times we all need to be led to the next step, it may seem obvious to you (as the owner) but a customer may see the whole experience totally differently. So at the end of every blog post, social media post, newsletter…(you get the idea) tell people what you want them to do. So it can be as simple as ‘if you enjoyed this then read xxx….’ or as direct as ‘visit this link to purchase your xxxx’. We are all busy people and no one has time or the inclination to bother trying to figure it out. Let them know what your call to action is every time.

How Can I Help

If you’ve enjoyed reading this then but still stuck on what to do next then please let me know or give me a follow on Instagram or Facebook where I share loads more tips. I have lots of packages too where I can create newsletters, blogs or social media content to help your small business thrive. Pop me an email today...

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  1. Answering a question is always a good way to generate content. Oftentimes writers just put out what comes to mind, even if the topic doesn’t interest them at all. Great points you make here. Thanks for sharing!

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