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Re-purposing Content for Small Businesses

You’ve created an awesome piece of material for an Instagram post…it took you ages and you are very proud. You let it go off into the world and watch as people like and share it and you feel great and then you go and make a cup of coffee to congratulate yourself….The End! That wonderfully insightful piece of material will get lost within a matter of hours and you are back to scrabbling around for more content to engage and delight your audience. Ssshhh don’t tell anyone….but there is a better way. You can create more material from that one post…I know! Mind blowing isn’t it. Here are more top ways to re-purpose one piece of content to get it to all of your audience and to keep them in your ‘loop of love’ (I may TM that one!).

Re-purposing Content for small businesses

Blog Post

Ok let’s get started and for arguments sake I’m going to take you through repurposing content starting with a blog post (because I love blog posts and the power they have for your small business). Pretend you are a chef and want to promote your new recipes. So if you wrote a blog post about a carrot cake you’ve recently baked with the recipe on how to make it (also obviously having a call to action for people to buy the recipe or supplies to make it) with good clear images along the way.

At another point you can go back and either update the blog post or take elements out of it and create another blog post. So focusing on it from another angle or style.

Social Media Post

You could use the images of your cake making to promote it on social media and explain how you made it in the post (or a story for them to get to know you…so this could be around how carrot cake is your favourite to make because you used to make it with your Gran). Again a call to action to either read your blog post or purchase.

You could focus on just one ingredient and explain it and how people could use it in other recipes. This could keep changing weekly, daily or monthly. Also add it to your Pinterest Board to drive more traffic to your website (use different images and create three different pins and see which provides the most traction).


Whilst making the cake you could film it and do a time lapse – this could then be put on your YouTube Channel (using relevant hashtags and links), you could also re-purpose onto reels or Facebook Stories and also if you feel adventurous it could go onto Tiktok.

You could also take snippets of the video and send to your mailing list or to provide course content on a platform such as Teachable or Member Vault.

Download – Lead Magnet

You could then send out a lead magnet to get people signed up to your mailing list – with the ingredients list and utensils they may need. Then you could email out to your whole email list any future blog posts / cook a longs or baking opportunities.

Create an E-book that you could sell or give out to VIP members.


You could do a live cook a long within a Facebook membership group or to people who purchased the recipe. Or do a general live on your page to promote the recipe.

Create a podcast and talk about how you make the recipe and common mistakes or issues.

Keep Reusing Content

Then in a month or two you can reuse this content again and it can become evergreen. So you can just wheel it out again and again and again. Most of your audience will not have seen it the first time around so you won’t be upsetting them. If anyone had seen it then seeing it again compounds the message and if they weren’t ready the first time…they may be now. The opportunities of reusing things is endless and all it takes is (in this example) one blog post that can keep providing content.

Content Creation

Do you need help creating the initial piece of content or want someone to guide you with where to put it? Please do send me a message and we can chat about how I can help you use the content to it’s potential.

I create content for clients regularly and also upload onto course platforms all the time so I can help suggest the best fit for you.

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