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Stay in Your Own Business Lane

There comes a time in every business owners journey where they may not be soaring as high that they look around and think……”Should I be doing what they are doing?” or “How come they have more XXXX (insert followers/sales/likes/press coverage/reach…the list can go on) than me?” It’s so easy not to stay in your own business lane when things get tough and much easier when you are flying high. It’s something I hear from clients all the time and they want to replicate others success but before you start copying others…take a step back and perhaps do some of these steps first.

How to Get Rid of Imposter Syndrome

The very first thing you need to do is take a step back, if you come at anything with green eyes and an air of desperation you won’t get very far. It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others but when you take it a step further and get consumed with envy you are no good to anyone. Take some time to think why you feel so envious – do you prefer their look and feel, are you unhappy with your own product or service. Maybe make a list of things that are going well in your business and not so well and so what you can improve (or enhance if it’s going well).

Don’t Copy Others

Some clients want me to copy the style of a more successful brand in their graphics but they fail to recognise that this won’t work. A brand that you covert has often put in blood, sweat and tears into their style and business. If you copy them it doesn’t feel cohesive because this isn’t your style (plus it’s just not right to copy other people). To be able to stand out in a crowded internet you need to have your own style and message and not piggy back on someone else’s. Your personality needs to show through all that you do…as I’m always saying ‘people buy from people’…be more YOU!

Make a List

I love a good list and it doesn’t need to be anything grand…scribble on a piece of paper if that’s going to work for you. But make sure you make a list of ALL of your successes – big and small, weekly, monthly and yearly. Don’t leave anything out and then put this list somewhere in sight so you can remind yourself that your mind monkeys aren’t winning.

It’s All About Stages

Always remind yourself you are at a different stage to pretty much every other business owner. Our circumstances are unique to us and our idea of success is too. What you see is successful in another business journey could be them heading to burnout or the very least they can do. So making sure you are coming from a realistic view (social media shows you just a snapshot that someone wants you to see) you will feel better. You don’t want to go from nought to sixty too quickly that you are missing the journey to get there. Plus you need to be fully ready for the next stage so it takes a bit of prep.

My Business Visions

I found that lots of my clients found Lock-down in the UK really difficult, it was a time where they were having to change working patterns. Other businesses were coming along and snapping up their customers with unique ideas and solutions…the world was tilting. So it had a big effect on all of our minds and so I wanted to give something back and help if I could.

I’ve always enjoyed using affirmations and found they helped in the short term but I couldn’t always believe the messages. So I created my own set of small business affirmation cards, something that was relatable and very usable in every day business. These are different because as well as having an affirmation on the front, on the reverse there are questions you can ask yourself or evidence you can gather to think ‘yeah actually I’m awesome!’ And that is simply what its all about…helping you to take charge and really believe in your small business.

If you would like a set then they can be found on my website here.

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