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Reduce the Inbox Clutter

I have to go through lots of different clients in boxes to clear them and I thought it might be useful to give you three quick strategies if you’re getting overwhelmed with your inbox.

Now myself I like to keep five emails in my inbox at most – I get twitchy if there are any more in there than that. But I know that’s not the case for a lot of people but it’s still easy to get overwhelmed. So here are some ways you can keep in control of your inbox.

1. Sort out your subscriptions

This is the easiest way to reduce your inbox clutter. We all do it, sign up for loads of different things and then never get the chance to read them. So for instance if you get a lot of Deliveroo emails or subscriptions that you’ve grown out of…in your search bar type the name of the company and it will bring up all your emails from that company from here you can just click on them all and delete en masse or better still…unsubscribe and delete. Or it at least gives you an idea of which email do you open, for instance you may have weekly newsletters from a company that you open but daily emails that you don’t. So another way round this is to go into your preferences for this individual company and either unsubscribe or change the frequency of the emails you receive.

2. Search for keywords

So another way I get rid of emails that are out of date is search on a specific name so for instance ‘Christmas’. This will bring up or emails that have the word Christmas in them and from here you can get rid of any old emails that no longer serve you. Emails that have a time limit on them such as Christmas offers or 20% off Black Friday sale et cetera. 

3. Set up rules

Within most mailboxes you can set up certain filters and rules that allow you to send important emails to different folders. This way they don’t get lost in the throng! All you need to do is google setting up rules or filters for your particular mailbox to get going. I know that Gmail have lots of different ways you can filter messages and see them on screen differently and find a way that works best for you.

Remember to Keep on Top of it all

It’s great to take stock every couple of months and see what things you can get rid of and they’re no longer serving you. This frees up a lot of headspace and obviously it reduces your stress levels. It’s also a good way of reducing costs because often the more memory you take up the more you have to pay for. If you aren’t getting a chance to read something then what’s the point in getting it?

How I can help…

If you need help sorting your inbox then drop me an email I’d love to help. It’s actually one of the most relaxing and satisfying jobs I do.

I’m on a mission to reduce everyone’s in boxes to only what they need.

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