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Launching a Service or Product

When you have an amazing service or product you really want to get it out there…and often straight away. This isn’t always the best approach especially if you want it to make a splash and really connect with your ideal clients. What you really need is a launch plan and checklist that you can work your way through because it will save you time and stress. Launching doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor and you can really drum up some interest and hype around your product or service.

What is a Launch?

So launching a product has become fashionable of late and this involves the use of social media, masterclasses, challenges and affiliates. In the good old days you used to just make a product or unveil a service without much to do but now it’s all about getting seen and people knowing the value of the offering. Launch plans usually work from around three months prior to the launch (if it’s hitting a large market) and involves a slow build up and warming up your audience.

Stages of a Launch

If you’ve got a large audience then launching will be easier but with smaller audiences you need to find your audience, warm them up and then sell to them. I’m often asked by clients (and sometimes generally on socials) what email system to use and really this is 100% dependent on what your aims are but I always suggest making sure it’s one you can get to grips with.

Getting an audience…

I’ve fallen in love with Mailerlite and several of my clients use it for their mailing list too, it does most of the things the bigger platforms do but it’s so easy to use. It can help you start your launch by offering a freebie (you can set up an automation so that when someone gives you their email address you can set up an email to go out to them with said freebie, you can add them to a group and from then onwards target them specifically with whatever offers you want (making sure you comply with GDPR guidelines). For this freebie you can set up a lead page in mailerlite too so they land on a totally branded (to you) page that leads them to their free offering.

If you want to check out Mailerlite then you can use my affiliate code:

Nurture that audience…

Now this can be done as above with targeted sales emails where over the course of around three emails you help your new audience to get to know you with stories or examples of how you can help them. Make sure these are leading towards your launch offer. Or you can couple this with social media lives, Voxer information or messenger info (using a bot).

Sell to your audience

Whether you set up a free group for a challenge or masterclass, make sure your audience knows what you are offering and how you can help them. This is important as you really only want your niche market warmed up and ready. So making sure you nurture your audience and make them feel special is key here.

Other Things to Consider with a Launch

Being organised is a necessity with a launch and also keeping all the information together, so that you can replicate it easily for future launches (so you may have an ever green course or offering). So storing the information on a platform such as Trello, Click up, Asana or even Google Docs will make it so much easier for you to find and use when you need it. It’s also great for when you scale your business and take on freelancers or staff so that you can share the information with them quickly and easily. Again I use all of these platforms in my business but if you are starting out then Trello is a great place to start –

Now this is an important reminder…you may have a goal in mind of how many people you want for your launch to be successful. You may exceed this but if it’s your first launch you may also fall short and this could be because of something you’ve done (or not done) but it could also be because of external forces…such as the timing, the overall market and whatever else is going on in the world.

Don’t loose heart but do analyse, analyse and analyse some more and find out what happened (this goes for a very successful launch too). Find out where your customers came from, what appealed to them the most and how you could do it differently on your next launch. It will help you plan your next steps and what you can tweak for future launches.

Are You Ready to Launch?

As an Online Business Manager I make sure my clients have an outstanding launch plan that creates ease and flow in their business. No burnout required here. So if you are interested in learning more about how I can help your next project please do send me an email and we can chat about what you require.

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