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Three things to check in your small business

Three things you should be checking in your small business today…

Running a small business can be the most exciting thing but it can also leave you feeling pretty exhausted. By putting just these three key things in place you will be able to make sure your business is always going in the right direction. Let me share with you my top three tips to help you which I’ve collated from working with many clients over the years.

1. Is Your Strategy Working

This can be a simple as saying where do I wanna be in three years, five years and ten years time. Or it can be a month-to-month or day-to-day plan of where you’ve been and want to be. Just by getting this out of your brain and onto paper or electronic copy will help you see what your messages and where you want to go. This then helps you to put a strategy in place of how you get there. It’s also great if you work with freelancers or take on staff you will be able to help them understand where you want to be and it also lets them make an emotional investment in your business.

2. Check Stats

Big businesses never leave anything to chance and that’s true of the statistics. By analysing all areas of your business you’ll know what is working and what isn’t working and also how you can tweak your strategy or what you’re doing to fit in. So we’re not just talking follows in likes or how many people have seen an Instagram reel you’ve done, it’s deeper than that. By using an analytics tool like Google analytics or an Yoast or even the tools on Facebook and Instagram to show you the insight into your audience. 

3. Is it all going in the same direction?

Regularly checking your processes and procedures will help you know if you’re heading towards your goal or away from it. Lots of us get caught up in shiny object syndrome and latch onto the new great tool, Guru, system. But it’s only by analysing what you’ve already got in place and if it’s working for you you’ll know whether to move or not.

So for instance if your email email marketing tool is working great and it’s bringing in warm leads and you are really moving forward towards your goal then you don’t need to go to the next big platform just yet. However if Leeds are drying up or customers aren’t getting the experience that you want them to have you need to also look at the flow the process and your message before you blame it on the tool you’re using. I hear often how people moan their emails aren’t being read by people and then they blame it on their email marketing toll. What they fail to do is look at what they’re actually putting out there and how they aren’t making people want to read what they’re writing. It’s all about making sure your message fits in with your strategy and your stats reflect what’s happening within your business.

Next Steps in Your Small Business

By staying within this loop you will find your business can grow really easily and with a strategy that matches up with the message you’re giving out it will help people to understand where you fit into their lives. If you would like to chat about how we can work on your message, your systems, or taking a deep dive into your small business to see where you’ve been please get in touch today.

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