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Planning and Procedures – How to get yours up to date

When looking into how your processes and procedures work there are some key questions you need to ask yourself. These might seem really simple but they are the most effective questions to use and will help you streamline your small business today.

Where can my clients find me?

Look at all the places you show up online and off-line. Is it easy for clients/customers to find you? Are you showing up in an authentic and consistent manner? Would people know your brand across different platforms? Make this as easy as possible so that you can be found, followed and connected with. It’s surprising how often this is overlooked and what you may find easy from inside your business can sometimes look confusing from the outside.

Once clients have found you what happens next?

Now it’s time to look and see if it’s easy for clients/customers to follow your flow. Once I found you are they able to navigate to your website or find out what to do next? There are lots of different things on platforms that will help you do this so for instance on Instagram a stories button that says Nextep‘s what to do next or your link should go to your frequently asked questions page on your website or even to do a start here webpage. Making it as easy as possible for people to work with you or find out the information they want is your goal.

Look at your offers

Do you have a tripwire offer? Something that upgrades people if they buy a certain product. Or even a way to move them to another location within your offerings – so a blog post that explains next steps or ways to work together. Do you have your entry level offering, middle of the road offering and higher end offer all in alignment. These need to be in a flow for your clients to see how they can progress whilst working with you. If you only have one offer think about expanding it for even something that complements the off such as a e-book, video series etc.

Check your stats

It’s so easy to fall in the trap of just checking your vanity stats such as follows and likes. But these don’t show the whole story and are very misleading sometimes. We can all get caught up trying to get a real that goes viral or Instagram post that has X number of likes. It’s what goes on behind the scenes that really matter, so looking at the community aspect is far more beneficial. how many people engaged with your post or how many people commented on your reel? Are these people in your target market? It’s great getting likes and comments from friends and family but are they the people who are actually buying from you. Checking your stats regularly from visitors on certain pages to your website, does a certain story or blog post resonate with people and could you expand on that more will help you more then getting likes and followers.

Taking Care of Customers with a funnel

Now it’s great to have it written down on a piece of paper or a mind map of how your customers or clients move through your business. It’s the simple things from signing up for a freebie what happens next? Do you get them into a funnel all that ultimately sells to them or do you once they’ve got their freebie leave them alone? Things like this matter and by getting someone to go through your flow you’ll see any problems that you may have with it. Once a client has purchased from you what happens to them next? Do you nurture them or is there radio silence, do you ask for feedback, it’s important that even when people are customers you still give them an amazing experience.

Think about an amazing customer service you’ve had and what it was like. What happened to make you really rate this service or client care? Is this something you could replicate in your business in some way or another. By making yourself unique and really nurturing the customers you have you will find this leads to you gaining more customers because people won’t be able to stop talking about how great the service was. Whenever I work for a clients customer experience I’m always fully aware that each and every individual customer is unique and deserves care regardless of where they are in my clients journey. So treating everyone as if they’re VIP is a fantastic way to make sure that they do become VIPs.

It’s the little things like this that will set you apart from the rest and keep people coming back. If you would like more information on how I can help you with your customer flow please get in touch today.

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