Strategy Mapping

Feeling all sorts of overwhelm?

Sometimes its easy to not have your ducks in a row isn’t it….

I can help you by spending 90 minutes with you to work out what you do, where your time drains are and how you can move forward.

How Does it Work?

We simply meet on a zoom or phone call, you explain what works and what doesn’t. Each launch, product, onboarding clients…the lot and how you manage it now. I can then suggest tech and organisation to get it all in check. I aim to get your business in a position that you can easily scale no matter what stage you are at.

This will involve

Putting together a plan of what I think you could automate, pass to support or no longer do.

Providing you with operating manuals for certain processes (so you can pass to support if you need to).

Update any systems that need it and map out a plan for you going forward.

Get you as streamlined as we can.


This helps you then plan for the next 90 days and beyond …

So if you launch a product in say February, we can put together a timeline of what needs to be done in the months beforehand and by whom, so you’ll never feel like a headless chicken again.

This is a project and charged at £250

Please email if you would like to discuss further or book in to work with me.

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