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Five Minutes to Change Your Business Visibility

So you've got your lovely micro or small business - doing it alone or with others. You have lots of amazing ideas and plans, products or services and you are raring to go! There is one problem though, as you are working all the hours, you aren't getting the people through the doors that you… Continue reading Five Minutes to Change Your Business Visibility

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Finding Your People…Online Communities

You can call them what you want...your tribe, your community, your peeps or even give them a special group name (think Lady Gaga and call them all Little Monsters). Whatever you call them, at the moment they are all the rage and you are told you need to connect with them. But that is sometimes… Continue reading Finding Your People…Online Communities

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Micro Business Clinic

Have you just started out or need some help refreshing your current social media and blogging game? Falling a bit out of love with your micro business but not sure where to go with it? Desperately wondering where everyone is and what you can do to attract them? Running a small business is a never… Continue reading Micro Business Clinic

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Marketing a Small Business

I'm in a few Facebook groups for small businesses and a common theme people have is needing 'marketing' help. This ranges from wanting someone to schedule posts all the way to a social media manager who will get the strategy set up for them. However as a small business you may not want to pay… Continue reading Marketing a Small Business

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Bexley Business Excellence Awards 2019

A few weeks ago I was privileged to attend the Bexley Business Excellence Awards in partnership with London Borough of Bexley. I was proud to be a finalist in the Business Entrepreneur of the Year award. I was excited to attend and loved every moment of it. I remember last year following on twitter as… Continue reading Bexley Business Excellence Awards 2019

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Three Ways to Release Control Whilst Working with a VA

You are busy...I know...I get it! I want to help and take some of the pressure off you because that's my thing. I like helping people and making their lives easier...it's my job. But I also realise that removing those niggly tasks or even some of the bigger ones takes planning. I get asked a… Continue reading Three Ways to Release Control Whilst Working with a VA

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Communicating with Customers by Email

Communicating with your Audience What would you do if Facebook went down again or Twitter had a meltdown? Would you be able to reach your ideal audience or your current customers easily? If this prospect fills you with dread then it's time to get your mailing list in order. Being able to use email to… Continue reading Communicating with Customers by Email