Have you ever needed to learn something but don’t have the time to mess around? You need the information quickly and can’t wait for a paid membership group. There isn’t time to wade through lots of videos or worse, trawl google for the answer.

That’s where Vision PA bite size courses come in. In short (10 mins or less) series of videos I’ll take you through setting up different platforms or applications to get you going.


So you are told you need to send out regular newsletters or ‘keep in touch’ emails with customers. The only problem is you don’t know where to get started?

Course details

This to the point course, featuring screen shots so you see it as it happens, will walk you through the steps of setting up your first newsletter.

You will receive a log in to teachable and five clearly explained videos (and workbook) to get you on the way to creating beautiful newsletters.

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Pinterest is one of the fastest moving platforms with over 250 million users. Often mistaken for a social media platform, this search engine can effortlessly drive more traffic to your website if used properly.

Course details

A series of videos will guide you through the process of creating a pin, organising your boards, best practice and how to analyse your stats.

You’ll receive a teachable log in where you’ll find the videos alongside a Facebook support group access. Here you can ask questions, find out what should be pinned and more top tips.

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