I know what it’s like…there is a certain platform or task that you just can’t get on with. You’ve tried and failed miserably or you just don’t know where to start.

Or you may have just run out of time to do this niggly thing that will move your business forward. Well that’s where I can help you…. I’ve set up these packages so that you can simply pick one and it’ll get done by me with minimal involvement from you.

From sorting out your emails to setting up and sending out your first newsletter, I’ve got a package already sorted.

What’s in it for you?

Well you get that task ticked off your to do list quickly

You know how much it’ll cost in advance – no hidden costs

I will set you up so that you can carry on…or we can chat about how I can help going forward.

What Packages Are There?

In Box Detox

Any More?

The good news is, I’m adding to this list all the time but if there is something specific that you think might help then let me know.

You can catch me on social media or email and I’ll get back to you with more information.