Working Remotely

Free Resources

If you want to streamline your systems or suddenly find yourself needing to work remotely, there are lots of things you can use for free.

Five Free Resources For Working at Home

So if you suddenly find yourself working from home these are great to use:

Meetings – Zoom (this is free up to 100 participants)

Planning Tools – Trello is great for team sharing of projects etc

Password Sharing – If you need to share passwords securely then LastPass is great.

Creating Courses – Teachable is a great course content creating tool. If you take payment manually then this stays free. You can upgrade and have it automated.

Payments – Create a button and it’s easy to pass this to customers to use instead of cash.

Government Help

So in these uncertain times there are lots of grants and loans available for small businesses. Lots of information is available on the Gov.UK webite

Facebook Groups

These are a couple of great Facebook groups that will help you pivot or get support in your journey.

The Fabulous 5% – This is run by Lisa Johnson who is a business coach and it’s a great, friendly place.

Take Your Business Online – From the Girl Means Business, this free group has been set up to help people take their businesses online in these uncertain times.

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

Henry Ford