How We Work Together….

Fun & Fair Policy

We’re already doing some great work together and I’m so excited about what the future holds for both our businesses. 

As you know, I have created a business around my life (and I think you just might have done that too!), as we’ve been working together for a while now I want to take a moment and recap how it all works to ensure we both continue to thrive together. 

What you DO get as a client

I’m a Virtual Assistant and my superpower is kick-ass administration. I work with a selection of inspirational female entrepreneurs.

 I do this by :

● looking at all your needs and scheduling my work day around all your important tasks

● responding to your emails within my time frame that’s set out below

● reviewing the tasks you ping over and allocating estimated times based on my experience

● analysing my current workload to determine how/when to move your task forward

● quality checking every piece of work prior to it being returned to you

● Meetings with you to check in and keep us all on track

What you DON’T get as a client

There are a few things outside of my zones of genius – web design, complicated accountancy / stuff with financials, Support phone calls or calls on your behalf (emails on your behalf is totally within my reach), Pythagorean theorem, Facebook ads and online community management (eg. Facebook groups). Let’s leave that funky stuff to the experts. I’m happy to try and recommend someone else at all times if you have projects that fall outside my services.

Working hours

My core hours are 9.30am until 4.30pm, Monday to Thursday.

Time off

It’s so important to me that you feel fully supported before I turn on my out of office notification. So yes I do like to take a day off from time to time, and rest assured I’ll always let you know in advance. For longer holidays I’ll always give you a few weeks heads up so that you can either find other arrangements or we’ll schedule any work in advance.

Assigning tasks

Please do send tasks by email or (if applicable) our project management system.

I love to get my daily emails to under 10 by the end of the day. So l work through them as they come in, please note I will get to them and reply. If you task is urgent please do put this in the title line. But bear in mind my turnaround time is normally 48 hours (but obviously I endeavor for less if possible). This also can be longer in times of holiday and school holiday periods as I have two little kids that also need my attention.

For that reason, and because I’d hate to drop a ball, please keep sending tasks through via email or the PM system. I try not to look at my phone during the day as I’ll get stuck down a TikTok hole so won’t respond to WhatsApp or similar unless previously agreed. Sticking to our normal method of contact also helps us both keep a paper trail for future reference (there’s nothing worse than when you know you’ve seen something but can’t find it’s origin).


If there’s one thing I love, it’s a deadline! You see, deadlines help me know which of your juicy tasks are the highest priority to you and then myself in turn.

That’s why my standard response time to acknowledge tasks is 24 hours (Monday to Thursday). As mentioned above, my standard turnaround time is 48 hours but try and shorten this if I can. I also will let you know if the task will take longer or I need more information.

This buffer gives me the opportunity to plan in the appropriate amount of time around existing meetings and other deadlines you set.

Sure, I often respond more quickly, but 24 hours works as the best guideline.

In short, deadlines are life! 

Urgent requests

I’ll be honest, I do my very best work with clients when we operate in a world of pro-activity. No-one enjoys being in fire-fighting mode regularly, but I do completely understand that urgent same-day requests can crop up from time to time. 

And I am here to help.

If you need immediate support and it absolutely-most-definitely can’t wait, please mark as ‘Urgent’ and it’ll go to the top of the pile. 

Always ask for support when you need it. There are NO stupid questions. I’ll ALWAYS lend you my brain when I can.

If I can’t step up because it’s not my zone of genius, I’ll probably know someone who can help. So it’s always worth asking.


Meetings are a valuable part of working together.

Weekly is ideal for most projects (daily might be a bit much…). But if a task can be put on the relevant task management system with enough detail for me to get on with it then that’s preferable for me as I can better manage my workflow and cater for your needs.

If you’d like to hop on a call to discuss something that is new or complex, let’s make sure it’s at a time that works for both of us. Simply drop me an email to work out a good time.

I act with integrity

Honesty, transparency and integrity are some of my core values. I believe in taking ownership and responsibility for my actions, finding clear solutions to problems without blaming others, and handling myself professionally at all times. So anything you feel needs more attention or a different response please let me know as soon as possible so I can help manage the situation.

If you have any questions, email me –