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Hello and welcome…

If you’ve come here you probably heard my talk at MIBA Bexley or you know I did the talk via Social Media.

If you are looking for the slides from the talk, you can find them here….

Visibility 2020 online marketing

In these slides I share what blogging and email marketing are all about and how you can use them both to get more visible in your business in 2020. This is just a general overview that supported my talk so if you need any clarification on them please let me know.

An In-depth Look…

Copy of Visibility 2020 Blogging & Email

If you would like a more in-depth look at blogging and email marketing, I have a e-book workbook that you can work through at your own pace. It’s a 9 page document going into more details about blogging for business and Email Marketing.

This is currently only £8.99 and if you’d like a copy please pay below via paypal and a copy will be emailed to you.


Working Together

If you’d rather sit down or work together over zoom then I offer one hour small business clinics that are solely focused on you and your business. I give you ideas on increasing your visibility or we work on a particular issue you have.

Please let me know if you want to take up this option and we can have a chat to see how I can help your small business. Email: visionpaservice@gmail.com

Micro Business Clinic