More than a VA

Have you been in business a while and need someone to take over the more strategic tasks for you?

It’s not easy wearing all the hats in your business and there is always something you feel you ‘could’ or ‘should’ be doing. This can easily lead to overwhelm and not having the time to actually work in your business rather than on it.

If you are looking to grow your business in the next year then I can help. By having someone by the side of you who is also looking at the bigger picture in your business you will find it flourishing.

Your clients can look forward to a more enhanced service and you’ll feel organised and in control of your business.

Do you need a sounding board and another pair of eyes in your business?

How it Works?

We’ll work together for a minimum of three months and I’ll create all the systems and procedures you might be missing. We will look at the current flow in your business, what your client experience is currently and how we can polish the process.

I’ll help you keep all the plates spinning by making sure your tech is connected, your team are all doing what you need and you feel in control.

If you have a launch in that time or need some extra support so we move things forward at the right pace then lets chat.

This is a project pricing so after discussing your needs I would provide a quote and this is in the range of £600+ per month.

The focus is on growth and up-leveling so you are ready for the next stage of your business

If you would like to discuss your needs then lets chat…