Newsletters, Landing Pages & Funnels

Are your emails not quite hitting the spot?

Not sure what a funnel is or where to host your Landing Page?

If you already have a newsletter that you send out to customers and you aren’t getting a great response….it could be your title or your content.

I can work with you to hone your message and send out regular messages to your clients.

We can get a Facebook Ad set up with a landing page and funnel so that you can reach more potential clients.


I can set up your very first newsletter template or update a regular one and get it out to those all important customers.

Landing Pages

Let me set up a landing page for you (I can even link to your Facebook Ad). This can then link into your email funnel


These are simply a series of emails that you send out. From five day challenges to a sales funnel that will convert.

I currently use Mailchimp (free version) to help clients to get started and set up their mailing list. I will then set up your contact form and very first email template.

If you require me to send out regular emails, I can set these up.

Landing Pages & Funnels

If you struggle with knowing where to set these up, let me help you. I regularly set up and run landing pages in Mailchimp, Simplero, LeadPages and Get Response.

For your funnel – I set up a series of emails to go out with your key messages over a number of days. Again I work with mailchimp, Active Campaign, Simplero and get response (but I’m more than happy to use whatever system you’ve got set up).

Lets have a chat and I can give you a quote based on the work involved.


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