Plus Services

Have you been in business a while and need someone to take over more?

There are several levels of support I offer for Small Business Owners.

If you are looking to grow your business in the next year then I can help you achieve this. By having someone at your side who can see the bigger picture but is focused on the finer detail, you will find you can concentrate on growing your business.

Business Manager

Need someone to help oversea the week to week progress in your business or simply to take over the nuts and bolts to give you more thinking time?

This is for entrepreneurs who already work with support and need someone to co-ordinate things and take the pressure off. We’ll have regular meetings to see where you are and plan your next 90 days so you’ll always know what’s coming up. No running around like a headless chicken anymore, just calm and strategic thinking to get you where you need to be.

We’ll analyse statistics and feedback to make sure you are in the right places at the right time.

Strategy & Mapping Services

Want to get organised and quickly?

We’ll spend 90 minutes together mapping out what you need done. All those tasks that take up space in your brain, things you could pass to a VA or better still automate and let the tech take the strain.

This is for entrepreneurs who have got themselves in a muddle or have so many tabs open it’s unreal. If you find yourself doing all of the things all of the time (yet you have support) we can put a plan in place to remove the pressure from you. There could be processes to streamline your business or tech that will help support you more. It’s a very tailored approach to your business and it’s needs.

Bitesize Business Services

You know what you want and just need someone to iron out the finer details of it.

You aren’t quite ready for an OBM (Online Business Manager) but you need someone to help you through a launch or a project you’ve got on the go. I can step in and make sure you are meeting all your goals, set funnels up and co-ordinate processes. Whatever you need in the moment.