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Beating Overwhelm in your Small Business

Small Business Overwhelm is a real thing, it will affect you at some point. There are lots of things you can do to beat overwhelmed in your business. I've put together a few ideas on how you can put a few simple steps in place to make your life easier and remove some of the… Continue reading Beating Overwhelm in your Small Business

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Marketing a Small Business

I'm in a few Facebook groups for small businesses and a common theme people have is needing 'marketing' help. This ranges from wanting someone to schedule posts all the way to a social media manager who will get the strategy set up for them. However as a small business you may not want to pay… Continue reading Marketing a Small Business

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5 Quick Tips on Beating Inbox Overwhelm

Do you groan every Monday morning when you open your emails? It's easy to feel overwhelm and this is the first point of contact. So many people don't know how to organise themselves or what to do to control the inbox. I recently did a five day challenge over on Facebook and thought I'd share… Continue reading 5 Quick Tips on Beating Inbox Overwhelm