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Micro Business Clinic

Have you just started out or need some help refreshing your current social media and blogging game? Falling a bit out of love with your micro business but not sure where to go with it? Desperately wondering where everyone is and what you can do to attract them? Running a small business is a never… Continue reading Micro Business Clinic

Working with a VA

Kent Women In Business Runner Up

A few weeks ago I was honoured to be part of the Kent Women In Business Awards - I qualified as a finalist. I went along to the awards just pleased to have been nominated and in the presence of so many talented business women. Well I only went and got a runner up place… Continue reading Kent Women In Business Runner Up

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Get the Best out of your Small Business Blog

Blogging for Small Businesses With a small business it can be difficult to get seen and heard online these days. There is so much social media traffic that it can feel overwhelming on where to start. Experts will tell you that a blog is a great way to get yourself 'out there', which it is.… Continue reading Get the Best out of your Small Business Blog

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Getting Your Social Media Sorted

It's that time of year again, where we all sit down and set our goals for the new year. Social media often crops up as 'get it sorted' or 'post regularly' but we all know when you get busy this is the first thing to drift. I've put together some printables for you to be… Continue reading Getting Your Social Media Sorted

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Small Business Refresh

As we get ever closer to Christmas it is a great time to look forward to January. If this is a quiet period in your small business, then it's a great time for a refresh. Make sure you start the new year streamlined and ready to go. I've put together some quick ways to give… Continue reading Small Business Refresh